The CityCoiner

What is “The CityCoiner”?

The CityCoiner is crypto-native citizen journalism.

A community-run, media outlet covering all things CityCoins.

In this new era of crypto, decentralization, and remote work.
We want to see what a Web3 native news outlet can look like.
And what better topic to cover then explore the entirely new design space that CityCoins brings to the table to re-think how cities and it’s citizens interact with each other.

A group of us saw a need in the ecosystem to explore many of the new areas that CityCoins unlocks.
This need was coupled while watching traditional media report about CityCoins in an unfairly negative light.

As CityCoiners, We’re here to shine a light on all the latest happenings in the ecosystem, in an open and honest way.

For now, that consists of a Twitter account, a website, and a group of 60+ CityCoiners in a private discord.Coming soon, we will be releasing content in podcast format, YouTube, written articles, infographics live streams, and want to involve the community as much as we can.

The long term vision is to create a sustainable news company that runs on crypto and Web3 tools.Not ad-driven models that aim for clicks and attention.

This is an entirely new area we’re exploring, and we hope you’ll come and build along side us.

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